jasper lee film work

Selected Sound Work:

Sweet Wreath Speaks!, 2024
Organizer & Artist - Radio Art Festival

House of Goo, 2023
Radio Broadcast
Psychic Tuesday Show, June 20, 2023, Substrate Radio
A narrative made from dream recordings & musical phantasias

Biloxi Retrograde Phantasm, 2021
Music, Sound Design
Commission for We Time Audio House

Seasonal Séance, 2017
Sound Collage
Soundart Radio 102.5FM, Devon, UK

WTCH, 2012
Radio Broadcast
1000AM pirate signal, Montevallo, AL

Playlist of audio elements for sound sculptures below:
1. Hex Prism Palace: musical use of the pyraharp
2. Water Witch: sound used in the sculpture
3. Ancestor Decoy: sound map

Sculptural Instrument
Dimensions: 55 x 33 inches
wood, piano wire, ceiling fan

Pyraharp II
Sculptural Instrument
Dimensions: 40 x 27 inches
wood, piano wire, ceiling fan

Water Witch
Sound Sculpture
wood, basket, speaker, windshield wiper, communion plate, garland, sound

Treeline, 2019
Sound for Phoneline
Installation at Moss Rock Festival, Hoover, AL
Collaboration with Vinegar Projects

In this site-specific project, visitors were invited to talk with the trees via a special phone line as they walked through what remains of a clearcut Moss Rock forest. This interactive guided tour provided an opportunity for people to reflect on aspects of our ecosystem not readily apparent, and to try to see the forest from the perspective of a tree. Tree Line connects the local ecosystem with global issues, and notes that how when the tree line changes, we begin to see the world differently.

Further Recordings:
Wind On Saturn - ft. Aleena Bright
Pan Pan Medico - with Silica Gel
Wisteria in Your Hair - with Vernal Scuzz
Teenage Lipstick Horses - with Johnny Coley & LaDonna Smith